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The Teaching Research Institute Child Development Center (TRI-CDC) has provided quality care and education to young children and their families for over 30 years. Our program serves families with children aged 30 months to 6 years from Western Oregon University and the surrounding community. The comprehensive program is designed to serve all children seeking preschool and/or child care services regardless of race, color, disability or health status.

Why you should enroll:

At TRICDC, highly trained teachers facilitate children's language, social, emotional, cognitive and physical development paving the way for success throughout the child's school years and in later life. We believe children learn through active interaction with the physical and social environment and building upon their emerging interests. Our daily schedule allows children to participate in individual, small and large group activities in both the indoor and outdoor classroom environments. We maintain low teacher to child ratios. Families are collaborative partners! You are supported, valued and welcome to visit anytime. TRI-CDC is an Oregon Program of Quality - a state designation, recognizing quality child care and pre-school programs.

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TRI-CDC Celebrates Week of the Young Child

Updated April 18, 2014

Children exploring the outdoors and finding a snail

TRI-CDC will be celebrating the Week of the Young Child (WOYC) next week, April 21 - 25.

Throughout the week the children will be participating in a variety of activities focusing on, Physical Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition and Hygiene, Dental Health. We will be sending home family resources, activities and information to enable families to join in our efforts of promoting healthy habits

Join Us!

You're invited to join us on Wednesday April 23 and on Thursday, April 24, 2014 from 9:45 - 11:30 when the children will be participating in a Health and Fitness Fair. More.

Springing into Fitness in the Dragonfly Classroom dragonfly

Updated April 14, 2014

We promote healthy lifestyles at our center, including exercise. Now that the weather is beginning to feel like Spring, we are able to get outside more often to play and go on walks around campus. One of our favorite places to walk to on sunny days is the track on WOU's campus. It's fun to pretend we are racers on the track, line up like real runners do and run as fast as we can around the whole track!

children running on the WOU track

In addition to teaching the children how to keep their bodies healthy through exercise, they are also learning about the sport of track and field. For example, one child asked what the sand pit was for, which led to a discussion about the high jump. However, unlike sports, at the end of our race around the track we celebrate the fact that we made it around the track and we are all winners!

St. Patrick's Day Fun in the Butterfly Classroom butterfly

Updated April 3, 2014

children making green playdough

The children in the Butterfly Classroom celebrated St. Patrick's Day by making their own green play-dough. As well as being a lot of fun, the children were able to work on many essential educational skills. They increased literacy skills by reading the recipe with the help of visuals that were associated with the written words. They also enhanced their math skills by measuring out each ingredient and their culinary skills by mixing the ingredients together and cooking them in a pan.

You too can create play-dough at home with this recipe.

Play Dough

Mix all ingredients together and stir over medium heat. Stir until it begins to come together and then remove from heat.

TRI Child Development Center Helping to End Hunger

Updated March 20, 2014

children loading food on food bank truck

During the month of February the children at the TRI Child Development Center and their families participated in the Governor's 2014 Food Drive. All through the month, the classrooms focused on topics to give the children an understanding of the effects of hunger.

Preschool children eating lunch together

Activities included describing what hunger feels like and the importance of ending hunger in our community. The children helped to create food donation boxes which they helped fill with food for the local food bank.

This year they collected over 200 pounds of food to go to needy families. On March 3rd, each classroom personally delivered the food they had collected to the local food bank truck.

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