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The Teaching Research Institute Child Development Center (CDC) has provided quality care and education to young children and their families for over 30 years. Our program serves families with children aged 30 months to 6 years from Western Oregon University and the surrounding community. The comprehensive program is designed to serve all children seeking preschool and/or child care services regardless of race, color, disability or health status.

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"Parenting Now"

Free classes for parents.

Join us for 7 classes in sharing the joys and challenges of parenting led by Ingrid Amerson, Director of The TRI Child Development Center.

During class you will learn strategies to:

  • Identify your values as a parent
  • Apply positive discipline
  • Communicate effectively with your child
  • What to do when things break down

WHEN? Consecutive Tuesdays for 7 weeks (beginning October 16th) from 5:30-8:00 pm

WHERE? Todd Hall (WOU Campus / Child Development Center)

COST? FREE! (Child care and dinner provided)

WHY? Strengthen your relationship with your child!

Earn $30 toward your child's tuition next term OR a $30 Wal-Mart gift card

Download information and application.

QUESTIONS? Contact Ingrid or call Angela at (503) 623-9664

Now accepting applications for the Child Development Center for 2012-2013!

WOU Student Discount available!
2012-2013 Enrollment Application

TRI-CDC Partnerships

There is an old African proverb that says, "It takes a village to raise a child." In modern terms we can say "It takes a community to raise a child."

Week of the Young Child parade

TRI- CDC is motivated and empowered to work together with our community, fellow schools, and business to help children and families thrive. When collaborations are made to support learning and positive environments for children and families, not only is the child successful, but the quality support and information to families is strong.

The TRI Child Development Center is currently collaborating with three main partners; Willamette Educational Service District (WESD) , Polk County Partners for Young Children (PPFYC) and the Center on Inclusion and Early Childhood Care and Educations (COI). It is through these collaborations that help our community stay strong and assist TRI-CDC in providing quality care and education to children and the families.

See News Page for more.



Our teachers and staff are passionate about forming a strong partnership with you to ensure the best possible experience for your child and family. Families are welcomed visitors to the classroom at any time! We view family involvement as any activity that empowers either the family to participate in the educational process of their child, at home or the classroom. We encourage you to become involved in any way your life allows.

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Every family has something positive of offer, whether it is volunteering in the classroom, taking home a project to complete, sharing a talent or family tradition with the children. When we join in partnerships, the biggest winners of all are the children who thrive on the operative relationships.

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Meet Our Staff

2012-2013 Enrollment Application

Family Information Book

6 Reasons to enroll your child with the TRI - CDC

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  1. At TRICDC, highly trained teachers facilitate children's language, social, emotional, cognitive and physical development paving the way for success throughout the child's school years and in later life.
  2. We believe children learn through active interaction with the physical and social environment and building upon their emerging interests.
  3. Our daily schedule allows children to participate in individual, small and large group activities in both the indoor and outdoor classroom environments.
  4. We maintain low teacher to child ratios.
  5. Families are collaborative partners! You are supported, valued and welcome to visit anytime.
  6. TRI-CDC is an Oregon Program of Quality - a state designation, recognizing quality child care and pre-school programs.


children and volunteer at art table

Volunteers are viewed as a valuable resource to the Center. We welcome students and community members to spend time working in our center.

Benefits of volunteering include:

  • Enhanced skills working with children
  • College credit
  • Learn about developmentally appropriate practices
  • Have fun!!!

CDC Information Sheet.

How to Volunteer page.

WOU Student Practicum and Volunteer Information Form (.PDF)

WOU Student Practicum and Volunteer Information Form (.docx)

Download and view theVolunteer Orientation Power Point Presentation.

For more information on volunteering, contact the CDC Director, Ingrid Amerson at 503-838-8769.

CDC Newsletters

Newsletter Archive


TRI-CDC Oregon Program of Quality

Ingrid Amerson, Director of the TRI-CDC, announced today that it had successfully completed Oregon Program of Quality (OPQ) Designation. "We are very proud and excited to have achieved OPQ Designation for our child care program."

Ingrid Amerson with OPQ award

The OPQ process enhances and recognizes the quality of child care programs, resulting in a state designation as a quality program. TRI-CDC participated in the first OPQ statewide-cohort. To achieve the designation, TRI-CDC had to meet research-based standards for program quality.

According to Amerson, "During the process of creating a portfolio to demonstrate the quality of childhood care and education at TRI-CDC, we not only recognized our strengths but we had the opportunity to make improvements to our program. This award confirms that our efforts through the years at maintaining high quality child care and education have been successful."

Memories unfold when alumni returns to TRI-CDC

Holly and friends

Bonnie Morihara, Mary Fryer, Torry Piazza Templeton, and Holly Fryer in the Ladybug Classroom, 05-26-12

Holly Fryer and her mother Mary Fryer visited TRI-CDC on May 26, 2012. Diagnosed at a young age with autism, Holly was a student in our preschool for children with disabilities almost 40 years ago! See News Page for more.

Lynne Angland Award Presented to CDC Director, Ingrid Amerson

Ingrid Amerson

The Oregon Commission for Child Care awarded the Lynne Angland Award for Contributions to the Improvement of Child Care in Oregon to Ingrid Amerson, director of the TRI Child Development Center.

Ingrid was instrumental in helping Polk County partners host the first ever family and caregiver conference May 5, 2012. Ingrid has actively participated in both the pilot and field test for the Oregon Program of Quality. She worked diligently with staff to meet the program standards that allowed her program to receive an Oregon Program of Quality designation. Under her leadership, the TRI-CDC is one of only three sites in Polk County where the local Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education program operates a classroom. This service is important and her community is grateful for Ingrid's dedication to serving children with special care needs.

TRI- Child Development is an equal opportunity provider.

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